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On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 12:22 PM, Neal Caidin <neal.caidin at apereo.org>

> Proposed agenda:
> 1) Announcements and project updates (TWSIA, LEaP, STEP, etc)
> 2) feedback on a Jira
> https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAM-2143
>  - Add samigo.autoSubmit.enabled to default sakai.properties
> Whether to make Samigo Test & Quizzes auto submit a default and maybe some
> details on it's behavior could be useful for developers to know.
> 3) Prioritize topics for Future T&L "themes".  Feel free to add topics as
> well. See below
> Meeting notes from last February 18 (rough) -
> http://etherpad.ctools.org/p/tl2015Feb18
> Here are some brainstormed themes from Wednesday. It was suggested that
>  next Wednesday the T&L brainstorm to prioritize these themes!
> *Themes*
> User Stories theme - http://userstories.anisakai.com/
> Lessons as a central hub in Sakai (css changes, a demo?)
> Leverage Lessons for succesful online or traditional course delivery
> Support of engineering & math courses (anyone using calc style questions?
> If so, a demo?) LTI tools?
> How to add aesthetic elements to Lessons to enhance the learning experience
> Library of css looks for Lessons
> Re-imagining TWSIA to include Apereo teaching tools other than Sakai and
> Karuta theme and integration with Sakai. Portfolio tools in general or
> specifically this one?
> Faculty using Xerte.  Stories
> Example: "I met a faculty who uses Assignments to distribute weekly tasks
> and collect submissions in Messages tool"
> Example: "i have another faculty member using VeriCite to check for the
> attentiveness of students' to taking notes in class - he shares his notes
> via audio and/or video lecutre, and he WANTS students submissions to have a
> high score" (!)
> Find a tool that enables publishing User stories and/or Forum for
> "distilled" Q&A from Teaching and Learning . Check with Jim from ANI
> Blog for Apereo site for Teaching and Learning to share user stories and
> more
> Teaching using OAE, widgets for OAE
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