[Portfolio] Teaching and Learning Agenda for Wed, February 25

Neal Caidin neal.caidin at apereo.org
Fri Feb 20 09:22:21 PST 2015

Proposed agenda:
1) Announcements and project updates (TWSIA, LEaP, STEP, etc)

2) feedback on a Jira
 - Add samigo.autoSubmit.enabled to default sakai.properties
Whether to make Samigo Test & Quizzes auto submit a default and maybe some
details on it's behavior could be useful for developers to know.

3) Prioritize topics for Future T&L "themes".  Feel free to add topics as
well. See below

Meeting notes from last February 18 (rough) -

Here are some brainstormed themes from Wednesday. It was suggested that
 next Wednesday the T&L brainstorm to prioritize these themes!

User Stories theme - http://userstories.anisakai.com/
Lessons as a central hub in Sakai (css changes, a demo?)
Leverage Lessons for succesful online or traditional course delivery
Support of engineering & math courses (anyone using calc style questions?
If so, a demo?) LTI tools?
How to add aesthetic elements to Lessons to enhance the learning experience
Library of css looks for Lessons
Re-imagining TWSIA to include Apereo teaching tools other than Sakai and OAE
Karuta theme and integration with Sakai. Portfolio tools in general or
specifically this one?
Faculty using Xerte.  Stories
Example: "I met a faculty who uses Assignments to distribute weekly tasks
and collect submissions in Messages tool"
Example: "i have another faculty member using VeriCite to check for the
attentiveness of students' to taking notes in class - he shares his notes
via audio and/or video lecutre, and he WANTS students submissions to have a
high score" (!)
Find a tool that enables publishing User stories and/or Forum for
"distilled" Q&A from Teaching and Learning . Check with Jim from ANI
Blog for Apereo site for Teaching and Learning to share user stories and
Teaching using OAE, widgets for OAE
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