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Josh Baron Josh.Baron at marist.edu
Wed Feb 5 06:49:52 PST 2014


I hope things are well with everyone.

As a reminder, we will be holding our weekly Teaching and Learning call 
today at 2 PM Eastern Time (New York).  Dial-in information and a link to 
our Etherpad for notetaking can be found at: 

I would like to suggest a couple of agenda items for this call.  First, 
Neal posted a note earlier today asking for some input on a JIRA related 
to Lesson Builder/Lessons and how the tool behaves under certain scenarios 
with student groups.  Details are below.  I'd suggest that we start with 
this topic and have Neal review the issue and we can discuss and see if we 
can reach some consensus perspective.

In the time that remains, I'd like to update the group on some discussions 
that took place at the Apereo Camp event last week and related to our 
work.  Specifically, I believe there is an opportunity for us to work to 
provide feedback into the very early discussions around Sakai 11 as well 
as a larger strategy discussion around a future vision for Sakai.  To do 
this I think we'll need to work to grow the size of the group a bit but 
I'm starting to work on that and think we can get more involved over the 
next few weeks.

Finally, the group had expressed some interest in getting an update and 
demo of the Open Academic Environment (OAE) and assuming that is still the 
case I wanted to discus scheduling such a session.

OK, that's all of now...talk in a few hours.


Possible agenda item for today, or perhaps feedback over email.


This is a tricky issue involving groups in Lessons. If not all the 
students are in a group, or if a student is in more than one group, the 
behavior for students of "Add Your Own Page" doesn't make sense (see 
details in the ticket). Chuck Hedrick's current thinking is to warn the 
instructor if they have users not in group or users in more than one 


Neal Caidin
Sakai Community Coordinator
Apereo Foundation
neal.caidin at apereo.org
Skype me! (but let me know in advance for the first interaction) - 

Joshua Baron
Senior Academic Technology Officer
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, New York  12601
(845) 575-3623 (work)
Twitter: JoshBaron
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