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Last minute reminder that we will be starting up our weekly Teaching and 
Learning call in a few minutes (2 PM Eastern Time).  The dial-in 
information and a link to our Etherpad for note taking is at: 

Below is a note from earlier in the week with some suggestions for our 


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Last week we reviewed, discussed and modified the draft Teaching and 
Learning Lesson Builder Capability Review Spreadsheet.  Although we all 
recognized that this is a work in progress, I think there was consensus 
that it is at a point where we should move forward with and make 
improvements over time.   

At this point, we have about 22 specific items listed.  If you wanted to 
add your thoughts regarding new features or enhancements please do so by 
the call time on Wednesday (2 PM Eastern Time).  They don't have to be 
perfect and if you are struggling to complete parts of the the document 
just feel free to leave things blank and we can discuss it on the call. 

Speadsheet URL: 

On a related note, Chuck Hedrick is ready for us to test the enhancements 
he made for video embedding which he had documented in the JIRA at 
https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/LSNBLDR-295.  I'm waiting to hear 
back from him regarding how to best access the new features and whether he 
can be on the call this week.  If he can I think we may want to dedicate 
time to looking at the new feature and discussing how to best document 

FYI, Josh 

Joshua Baron
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