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Hello OSP Community

If there is time after Lynn Ward's presentation at our next meeting (11 AM EDT on July 1), I will summarize results from Open Apereo 2013 meetings and conversations on Portfolios for the Future of Sakai. I have added this item to the agenda for the meeting.

Hope to hear your voice on the call!


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 The next meeting of the Apereo Portfolio Community is scheduled for Monday, July 1, 2013 from 11am-noon EDT.   To add a topic to the agenda, drop me a note or add it directly to the confluence page at:  https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/OSP/Portfolio+%28OSP%29+Meetings
 I have added one item the agenda concerning some Indiana University enhancements to the Matrices and Assignments 2 tools.  IU would like to contribute these enhancements back to generic Sakai and is seeking feedback, with the hope of achieving community acceptance later this summer.  This set of enhancements makes it possible for instructors and students to fully participate in matrix-based assessment processes without ever leaving their course site.  Submission and evaluation of artifacts occurs entirely within Assignments 2. The additional functionality provided by these enhancements are as follows:
  Ability to enable "item-level" evaluation — that is, the ability to evaluate evaluate individual artifacts or assignments linked to a matrix cell (this is similar in concept to item feedback)
Ability to specify the form to be used for item level evaluation
Ability for evaluators to add one or more evaluation forms to each artifact or linked assignment in the cell
Ability to enable item-level evaluation in linkable tools (currently this only works with Assignments 2)
Ability to evaluate a linked assignment from within Assignments 2
Ability to generate a report on item-based evaluations.
 I will post a document with screenshots and annotations before the meeting and will plan to conduct a live demo during the meeting.  In addition to dialing in to the audio bridge, please log in to the Adobe Connect room.  Details are provided below:
 Phone Number: (317) 278-7008
 PIN: 372215#
 Adobe Connect Meeting Room for Live Demos: http://connect.iu.edu/osp

 Lynn Ward, Principal Systems Analyst
 Instructional Technology Systems and Services
 University Information Technology Services
 Indiana University
 Information Technology and Communications Complex (IT 342K)
 535 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
 Phone: 317-278-5713  E-mail: leward at iupui.edu 

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