[Portfolio] Evaluation Group Filter Question

McPherson, David dmcphers at vt.edu
Wed Jan 4 10:57:58 PST 2012

Hi Lynn,

Thanks...that did it.  I don't think the user I was logged in as was either the evaluator role or in the group.

David McPherson
dmcphers at vt.edu

On Jan 4, 2012, at 1:04 PM, Ward, Lynn E. wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> What version of OSP are you running?  We don't have these problems here at
> IU, but I recall the problem with the user counts not being correct at
> some point in the past.
> But here are a couple of general rules of thumb that apply to group
> filtering in the Evaluations tool.
> 1.  Evaluators can only see submissions of group members if...
> 	A.  The evaluator is a member of the group
>        or
>        B.  The evaluator has the "can view all groups" permission.
> 2.  The names of all groups in the site will display in the Groups drop
> down in the Evaluations tool, regardless of the evaluator's permissions or
> group membership status.
> So, if the evaluator filters on a group and gets 0 matches, it's probably
> a group membership or permissions issue.  Also if some students are in
> more than one group, and the evaluator is in one of those groups, those
> students will show up when the evaluator filters on groups s/he is not a
> member of.  So, it an appear as though the filter isn't working properly,
> but in reality it's showing the subset of submissions that the evaluator
> has permission to see.
> Hope this helps,
> Lynn
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> On 1/4/12 10:21 AM, "McPherson, David" <dmcphers at vt.edu> wrote:
>> Hey Portfolio folks,
>> I've come across something I'd like to see if anyone else has run into.
>> We're using groups and the Evaluation tool and it doesn't appear to be
>> filter correctly.  Here's the scenario:
>> A student fills out a form in a matrix, but doesn't click the submit cell
>> for evaluation button.  Then the student is added to a group that will be
>> evaluated.  The site organizer manages the status on the cell in the
>> matrix for all users and turns it to pending.  In the evaluation tool,
>> the user's cell shows up in the list of all cells.  When the filter is
>> used, they do not appear.  If the list is sorted and then the filter is
>> applied, the user shows up.  Additionally, the group is smaller than the
>> total number of users in the site, but the pagination still shows the
>> count for all users.
>> I'm going to be looking in to solving this for VT since we planning on
>> using the Evaluation tool in our campus assessment, but we can't if we
>> can't consistently get the group to show.
>> Thanks,
>> Dave
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