[Portfolio] Evaluation Group Filter Question

McPherson, David dmcphers at vt.edu
Wed Jan 4 07:21:00 PST 2012

Hey Portfolio folks,

I've come across something I'd like to see if anyone else has run into.

We're using groups and the Evaluation tool and it doesn't appear to be filter correctly.  Here's the scenario:

A student fills out a form in a matrix, but doesn't click the submit cell for evaluation button.  Then the student is added to a group that will be evaluated.  The site organizer manages the status on the cell in the matrix for all users and turns it to pending.  In the evaluation tool, the user's cell shows up in the list of all cells.  When the filter is used, they do not appear.  If the list is sorted and then the filter is applied, the user shows up.  Additionally, the group is smaller than the total number of users in the site, but the pagination still shows the count for all users.

I'm going to be looking in to solving this for VT since we planning on using the Evaluation tool in our campus assessment, but we can't if we can't consistently get the group to show.

David McPherson
dmcphers at vt.edu<mailto:dmcphers at vt.edu>

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