[Portfolio] TWSIA Award for Sakai portfolio implementations - Deadline March 2, 2012

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Hello OSP colleagues!

This is the first year that there is a specific category for PORTFOLIO implementations in the Teaching With Sakai Innovation Awards (TWSIA). The award category for portfolios includes "portfolios created using OSP or by using other Sakai tools to create portfolios."

The closing date for entries is March 2, 2012, a week from today. Winners will be notified May 1, 2012, and may have their expenses paid to Atlanta, Georgia, to present their winning entries at the first joint Jasig/ Sakai Conference, June 10-15, 2012.

You can find the application procedure and the rubric for judging portfolio entries on the OpenEd Practices website at http://openedpractices.org/twsia

You will need to log into (or register with) Open Ed Practices before accessing the application by clicking on APPLY NOW on the left hand navigation bar. 

The application process has three steps, but don't let the length intimidate you. Less is better and more attractive for others to read!
Profile your institution. Give the name of your institution and A FEW sentences about your institutional or programmatic focus on portfolios. Select the choices you are aware of for institutional LMS and Portfolio systems.

Profile your teaching and learning practice: Select the choices that relate to your entry and give a BRIEF description of your portfolio implementation's impact on teaching and learning.
Download the portfolio entry form, review the portfolio rubric for the award and complete ONLY the portions of the the entry form that relate to your portfolio implementation. Save the entry form as a PDF file and upload it.
Give your entry a title that describes its innovation. Preview and save your entry.
We are all busy and aware that our strategies for coping are often to leave proposals and award entries to the last few days before the deadline. You have one week to enter a brief and compelling case for you and your institution to be honored for your good work with portfolios.

Despite the late date, the OSP community encourages you to APPLY!


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