[Portfolio] Call for participation in combined T&L Design Lenses, Portfolio Visioning, and Teaching and Learning with OAE group

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For the last two years, two subgroups within the Sakai Teaching and Learning communities--the Portfolio Visioning group and the T&L Design Lenses group--have been meeting regularly to articulate a functional vision and provide input into the next-generation Sakai platform, which is now known as Sakai Open Academic Environment (OAE).  Recently, these groups decided to try to start meeting and working together given their many shared values, needs, and goals, not to mention the fact that many of the same people participate in both groups.  The combined group will be facilitated by Jon Hays (UC Berkeley, Bob Squillace (NYU), and me, and Debbie Runshe will help with group communication and coordination.  Our purpose will be to provide feedback to the OAE User Reference Group on OAE planning and design documents as well as to document user needs, use cases, and requirements (from the T& L and portfolio perspectives) to help inform future design and development.  Both Jon and I sit on the OAE URG (Jon as an institutional representative and I as an invited representative from the portfolio community) and are thus well positioned to serve as liaisons between our workgroup and the OAE URG.

I write today to extend an invitation to those of you who were once active members of either group as well as anyone interested in discussing user needs and requirements for OAE to join us.  We will likely meet weekly or bi-weekly (schedule yet to be determined) and and there may be some light "homework" between meetings.  The OAE project uses an agile development methodology, which often translates to very brief windows for providing feedback, so we'll need to be equally agile.

To sign up, create an account on the new community instance of Sakai OAE (https://oae-community.sakaiproject.org/) and join the group named "Teaching and Learning with OAE<https://oae-community.sakaiproject.org/~teaching-and-learning-with-oae>".   Bruce D'Arcus has graciously agreed let us use this space as the administrative home for this activity since its purpose overlaps with ours.   We hope that all who signed up for the Teaching and Learning with OAE group will also participate in the combined group.

We've set up a Doodle to try to find a meeting time that works all or most of the people who want to participate.  This is often difficult when dealing with participants across the world, but we will do our best to make it possible for anyone who wishes to participate.   When responding to the Doodle (URL below),  please ignore the specific calendar dates and instead indicate your ability to attend recurring meetings on proposed day-of-week/timeslot combinations.  Also, make sure you've got the proper time zone selected so the time-slots  reflect display in your local time.


We will be in touch soon with information about the first meeting of the new year.  In the meantime, if you haven't had time to learn about or explore OAE, here are some useful resources

The OAE space in the Sakai Confluence wiki:

OAE Community Instance (this is a production server is where our group will do it's work;  please don't create test accounts or data on this server.)
Demo instance of OAE for experimenting (has the latest code and data will be periodically wiped; good for exploration and experimentation):
QA instance rebuilt frequently with the latest code being developed for the upcoming release (good for exploration and experimentation):

QA instance that runs the previous release version of OAE (currently 1.1):

Best regards,


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