[Portfolio] OSP & Sakai 2.8

Ward, Lynn E. leward at iupui.edu
Fri Apr 27 05:14:00 PDT 2012

Hi Mark,

These changes were shared with and approved by the OSP community before they were merged into 2.7 a couple of years ago.  Answers to your specific questions are provided below.

From: Mark Breuker <mbreuker at loi.nl<mailto:mbreuker at loi.nl>>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 11:31:39 +0000
To: osp <portfolio at collab.sakaiproject.org<mailto:portfolio at collab.sakaiproject.org>>
Subject: [Portfolio] OSP & Sakai 2.8

Hi all,

We are in the middle of a Sakai 2.8 upgrade (we are now at Sakai 2.6) and noticed some fundamental changes in the OSP suite. I’m not quite sure If the is configuration related or if the functionality is really different. I hope you can shed some light on the following:

1)      There is now an additional cell status “returned”. Why was this status introduced? Just to make a clearer distinction between open and reopened cells?

Yes, the new status allows students to easily distinguish between cells that have been review by an evaluator and returned versus those that have never been submitted.

2)      While evaluating a cell in the matrices tool the evaluator could previously choose Reopen cell, Do nothing, Close cell. Now there only two options: Close Cell, Do nothing. How can the evaluator reopen the cell if additional evidence is required?

This sounds wrong.  The following options should appear.  As I recall, there was initially a problem with legacy matrices not showing the new options.


3)      When an evaluator has added an evaluation and the cell is still in pending status the student can already read the evaluation even if the evaluator has not finished working on it.

I don't think any intentional changes with regard to the visibility of evaluations.  My recollection is that students were always able to see evaluations in cells that had not yet been marked complete or ready.

Thanks in advance,


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