[Portfolio] OAE Teaching and Learning Meeting Agenda, Friday, 4/20

Robert Squillace rs84 at nyu.edu
Wed Apr 18 13:08:15 PDT 2012

  Dear Colleagues,

With Lynn likely being away (though we hold out hope she can make it -
everyone wish hard!), I will facilitate Friday's meeting of the OAE T & L
group (as always, 11-12 Eastern time). We will review the first drafts of
user scenarios relating to feedback on tasks, honing them to ensure they
capture the user needs we think will best help inform the work of the OAE
developers, and, depending on our progress, identify further scenarios we
would like to create. The scenarios we hope to review are:

1. Instructor gives graded assignment to be completed individually and
graded by instructor and/or TAs using a rubric (John Johnston)

2. Instructor gives feedback to students on discussion forum (graded) (Ann)

3. Instructor assigns peer groups to give each other feedback on a group
assignment (includes grades that do not count in gradebook; also includes
feedback on group process and/or a individual’s contribution to process
(meets deadlines, respects others, etc.) as well as feedback on the
assignment or product itself) (Trisha and Ann)

4. Faculty/Admin peer group reviews a grant application (Bob)

5. Student requests feedback from another user on a task (Lynn)

The narratives will appear in the "User Scenarios" section of the "I want
to review/grade activities or content submitted in answer to a task"
document (please be patient in waiting for the volunteers to complete their


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