[Portfolio] SAK-19184: priority change from blocker to critical

Anthony Whyte arwhyte at umich.edu
Mon Jan 10 07:13:55 PST 2011

Last Thursday during the RM call during a review of 2.8-related blocker/critical tickets I recommended that the i18n OSP SAK-19184 ticket be downgraded from a blocker in order to remove it from the list of tickets that potentially block a 2.8.0 release.


My "triage" rationale:

1) the ticket describes a pre-existing condition that is not at the same time a regression  (a key consideration in my view)
2) work on the ticket appears to have stalled around mid-November 2010
3) It is now nearly mid-January and the 2.8.0 release is scheduled for 1 March 2010.
4) I suspect there is little chance that the issue can be resolved, tested and verified between tomorrow (when I cut the next QA tag) and the follow-on QA tag that will be made available two weeks from now.   Delaying resolution any further will jeopardize the current 2.8.0 release timeline.
I recommend that work on this ticket be targeted for 2.8.1 or later.



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