[Portfolio] Collections Tool in NYU Sakai OAE Instance

Nancy O'Laughlin nolaug at UDel.Edu
Wed Feb 9 07:47:37 PST 2011

Bob, Lucy and Jeff,
Thanks for sharing the demo. I will be anxious to hear more about its 
use at NYU as well as the additional functionality Lucy mentions below. 
I am very curious how the various uses will be integrated in the OAE.

On 2/9/2011 10:37 AM, Lucile G Appert wrote:
> Hi Lynn,
> That was exactly my vision for this visual represenation schema! Users would have number of "nodes" they could pull into images of their choice and create their own visual space.  I understand that this will not be terribly expensive, but beyond our budget now. We have always had the goal of at least offering multiple options for visual representation.
> I do want to emphasize that this is not the only possibility for OAE. Soon we'll have a screencast of a self-representational portfolio that we've created for our Wagner school just using templating native to OAE. We will also be integrating a commercially licensed portfolio tool used by NYU-AD and our career center. What we want to show is that portfolio can be a multifaceted functionality in OAE, tied together by the underlying Content store, Assessment service, Discussion service, etc.. There is no need for there to be only one type of portfolio to which everyone must bend their needs.
> Does that make sense? So glad you like the concept!
> Lucy
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> Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 10:24 am
> Subject: Re: [Portfolio] Collections Tool in NYU Sakai OAE Instance
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>> Very exciting work, Bob! Thanks for sharing.  Wondering how easy it might
>>   be to change the visual metaphor of the floorplan to something else.
>> One
>>   hope that I had for the OAE portfolio environment (inspired by NYU's
>> work)
>>   was the ability for end users to easily upload and use any digital image
>>   as the visual metaphor for a portfolio and then define hotspots that
>> would
>>   expose functionality similar to that provided in your example.  That
>> would
>>   give institutions, programs, and individuals to the select metaphor that
>>   was best suited to their purpose.  In the short term, I imagine making
>>   changes of this sort would require a developer, but it would be great
>> if
>>   we could put that sort of power in the hands of students, faculty, and
>>   staff.  Thoughts?
>>   Lynn
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>>   On 2/8/11 6:38 PM, "Robert Squillace"<rs84 at nyu.edu>  wrote:
>>   >Hi All,
>>   >
>>   >I want to share with everyone a demo that Lucy Appert and Jeff Pasch
>> have
>>   >just posted of the Collections tool included in NYU's pilot of Sakai
>> OAE
>>   >(Atlas NYU) and of the student portfolio groups in which we have embedded
>>   >it.  We expect it to be ready for the community release in March.
>>   >
>>   >Here's the URL:
>>   >
>>   >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WeawYLLdSg
>>   >
>>   >Enjoy!
>>   >
>>   >Yours,
>>   >Bob
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