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Hello OSP Community,

Below are highlights from our Portfolio Reports meeting today, February 8, 2011.
Upgrading the Sakai Reports tool Virginia Tech has moved this project to a top priority. Dave McPherson indicates that VTech will get the Reports tool as revised by Indiana University into trunk first and then institutions can backport it to their current version of Sakai from there. IU has a similar timeframe regarding upgrades to 2.7. Virginia Tech will move to 2.7 at the beginning of May.
Reports may stay in Contrib until it is possible to get more ongoing support for the tool.

Indiana University is running the Reports tool now and wants to see it be able to run local as well as global reports. Adding this feature is fairly easy to do and would require a couple of days of a developer's time.
The current VTech project on the Reports tool will be run through Jira with patches attached to Jira tickets for institutions to access.

Today's group created a Sakai OAE minspec on reports to be added to Potential Minispec Titles by Verbs I want to gather, analyze, and display portfolio data to support institutional, programmatic, course, and individual assessment processes.
Update on Serensoft Form Parser Does anyone have ownership of this tool at present?
The University of Delaware is currently experimenting with its use and will report in a subsequent meeting.

Is there an institution willing to assume ongoing support? We would need an active development phase at first and later responsibility for on-going bug fixes, with developer membership in the OSP Jira Team.
Next steps for this group: 
Building out the reports that IU developed for more generic application and sharing among institutions.
Attention to Roger Williams University's networking among architectural schools showcasing their assessment and reporting solution for Sakai.
Need for more development assistance with Sakai Reports

Additional notes and information available at 
Notes from 2-8-2011 Portfolio Reports Meeting

Portfolio Reports

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 1, 11 AM EST. Please join us!


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