[Portfolio] per-page evaluation controls

Charles Hedrick hedrick at rutgers.edu
Thu Oct 14 14:45:35 PDT 2010

We have several portfolio projects where the same portfolio is used for a number of purposes. In some cases we need different people to evaluate different items. Because some of these involve accreditation, the dean wants reports showing which items haven't been finished, and he wants these organized in a way that he can tell which faculty are responsible.

I've added a feature that allows us to define for a wizard page that it is to be associated with either:
   one or more combinations of course section and instructor
   one or more groups

When a student submits for evaluation, we check to see whether the patch has one of those associations. If so, we check which sections and groups the student is a member of. Normally there will be only one. But if there's more than one we ask the student which one to use. The choice is recorded in another table.

When a faculty member goes into evaluations, we check each page to be evaluated to see whether it has an entry associating it with a section or group. If so, we only show it to the faculty member if the faculty member is
  for a section, one of the instructors for the section
  for a group, a member of the group
If the page isn't associated with sections/groups, then behavior is as usual.

The code is fairly localized. It changes two Java files and one JSP, in fairly straightforward ways.

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