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Charles Hedrick hedrick at rutgers.edu
Tue May 18 09:14:34 PDT 2010

> Charles...and others...is our pace on things like OSP performance and functionality mostly a resource gap?  A skills gap in sufficient levels of the right skills on the project?  A functional requirements gap in clarity of what needs to be done next?

To be fair, it's a problem with the initial implementation of OSP. The current OSP developers, who as far as I can tell are not the people who created the problems, are trying to simultaneously add the functionality that their institutions need, work on a very clunky UI, and work on performance. There probably isn't enough manpower assigned to OSP to do all of that well.

We have a couple of developers, but not enough manpower to do sustained work on OSP, although I do things as necessary. Unfortunately there's a sharp learning curve to deal with the kinds of issues I'm concerned with.

From a technical point of view, we're seeing a typical problem with hibernate: people do implementations, and stop when they work, rather than investigating the actual database queries being made, and considering whether they will work out when the application is used with a lot of users active. I realize that hibernate can perform quite reasonably, but it requires either serious expertise in hibernate, or careful investigate of the actual queries generated. Of course any problem don't show up for real until 2 years later, and at that point a different set of developers have to deal with it.

This problem almost killed Samigo in the early days. It required a significant commitment to performance work. We came very close to abandoning Sakai because of those problems.

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