[Portfolio] Question about editor in forms for OSP

hongbo zhang hbzhang at vt.edu
Thu Jul 29 12:30:02 PDT 2010

In the PortfolioAdmin site, under the system directory, there is a file
called formCreate.xslt.


In line 38,  you can find this:


<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"
src="/library/editor/FCKeditor/fckeditor.js"> // empty block </script>


If you use either customized render or the default render formCreate.xslt,
you need to make sure it calls the fckeditor.js under the 




The fckeditor.js under that path should be the one for your FCK
editor. Any other path may not point to the Sakai instance FCK editor js.  


I am not exactly sure this can help. It is just I had similar experiences
before, I found this is a small trick for me to resolve the problem I had.














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As we were investigating a problem some users were experiencing getting
content into a form containing an FCK Editor field, we discovered that our
instance of OSP was for some reason using an old version of the editor
(2.4.1, while the rest of our instance of Sakai is running We
aren't sure if that's an institutional oversight or an intentional feature
of the tool. Is there a reason we would not want to include an updated
version of the editor in our forms for OSP? And does anybody have
documentation for how to change this old version out for the version running
in other tools? 

Thank you, 

Brian Dashew
Instructional Designer, Academic Technology & eLearning
Marist College
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