[Portfolio] Reminder: No Sakai T&L Call This Week: Meet with Your Subgroups Instead

Ward, Lynn E. leward at iupui.edu
Tue Jul 20 06:00:40 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,

During last week’s T&L call, we agreed that the whole group would not meet this Wednesday.  Instead, each subgroup should try to meet sometime this week and plan to report back during the full group meeting next week.  If you have not yet signed up to work with a subgroup on a T&L initiative, there is still time.  The signup lists are at the bottom of the following Confluence pages:

·         Improving Internal and External Communications: (this group will probably meet on an as needed, ad hoc basis; not sure it will meet this week)

·         T&L Design Lenses/ Sakai 3 Requirements

·         Distance Learning (sharing best practices, collaborating on faculty development, etc.)

·         The Teaching with Sakai Innovation Awards Program

·         Bringing Students Into the Sakai Community

·         Improving the OpenedPractices Site (it’s possible that the Distance ED and TWSIA Groups will take on this work; probably won’t meet this week)

The facilitator volunteers for each group will post (or have already posted) Doodles to schedule initial organizational meetings.  If you just signed up, you should probably contact the facilitators identified in the signup list to find out whether the doodle has already been posted and announced.

Josh is a keynoter at the Campus Technology conference in Boston, so let’s all wish him well.  ☺

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