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Ramesh Sabeti rs at reazon.com
Wed Jan 20 15:27:55 PST 2010

I should probably chime in and provide some background about
iRubric-For-Sakai.  I'm the creator of iRubric and its parent system,

Indiana University is the only one that has used iRubric-for-Sakai, because
iRubric hasn't been publicly released yet.  Tomorrow is actually the
official release date.  Last Friday, I casually tweeted about it to get the
first reaction on our video.  I guess that's how the cat got out of the bag

The integration with Sakai was completed last August and went into live
pilot at the IU School of Education.  We wanted to make sure we have a full
semester of successful pilot prior to releasing the product.

I should also mention that the stand alone version of iRubric has been
around for a couple of years and is available for free at RCampus.com as a
part of our "Open Tools for Open Minds" initiative.  So far, over 95,000
rubrics have been built at RCampus.com, a testament to the ease-of-use and
stability of iRubric.  We hardly get any support messages about iRubric.

Sorry for the long winded explanation.  Hope the information helps.  I'd be
happy to answer any questions.  Please feel free to contact me directly at
"rs at reazon dot com".


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