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Josh Baron Josh.Baron at marist.edu
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The Sakai Teaching and Learning group met yesterday for our first call of 
the year.  The primary focus of our call was to begin the planning process 
for the Virtual Working Session (now scheduled for February 4th and 5th) 
we've been discussing that will focus on moving the Learning Capabilities 
documentation process we've been engaged in around Sakai 3 "to the next 
level".  Details, background and a place to register for the Virtual 
Session can be found in Confluence (

Over the next week the group will be working to define/refine the "Themes" 
and "Activity Workflows" that have been used to date in the Learning 
Capabilities Google spreadsheet.  Since these developed rather organically 
over time we want to make sure we have clear definitions for them and that 
we add any (or consolidate) if needed.  We also want to identify what we 
are calling "Fundamental" Themes which cut across workflows and which 
define fundamental learning capabilities that may be used a large range of 
teaching contexts.  Finally, we will be connecting these Themes to 
instructional best practices and research-based teaching methodologies 
(e.g. Seven Principles of Good Undergraduate Education).

This pre-planning activity will be documented on Confluence at: 
(this is also linked off the Virtual Session Planning page).  All are 
welcome to add to this effort or just "watch" it.  A few core folks will 
be starting things off this week.  Once we have made some progress we will 
be reporting that out to the larger community.

If you have questions, comments, concerns please post them to the list for 
a broader discussion.


Joshua Baron
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