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As I recall, group filtering worked in the Evaluations tool in 2.5x, but I can't be certain.  In 2.7, it should definitely work.  In addition, if the evaluator is assigned to multiple groups, a select menu allows the evaluator to filter on submissions from a specific group.  I think this is also true of 2.6, but we run a localized version, so I couldn't say without testing on a generic instance.


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We have a project that would like to have groups in a site to help filter the number of evaluations each evaluator sees.  They have about 150 students in the site and maybe 30 faculty/evaluators or so.

We noticed, however, that we can set up groups that create the filtering in the matrix view, but when students submit for evaluation they are ALL revealed in the Evaluation tool, regardless of group membership.   Am I missing a configuration step somewhere that will keep the filtering in the Evaluation tool?  Is this a bug I should report?  Has it been addressed in 2.6 or 2.7?

We're currently running  2.5.4.


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