[Portfolio] OSP 2.7 Code Review / Fixes

Noah Botimer botimer at umich.edu
Mon Jan 4 14:20:58 PST 2010


As we discussed on this morning's call, Alan Berg was kind enough to  
do some code review for us over the holidays.

I have created a page in Confluence under OSP QA that includes the  
reports. It would be nice to get some volunteers to help evaluate and  
resolve at least the 24 bugs mentioned in the first set. I'm open to  
suggestions of whether they should be tracked as one, a few, or  
individual JIRA tickets.

As far as timeline, Alan was hopeful that we could get these resolved  
within a few weeks as to make it into a new milestone tag. Whether we  
would be able to make M3 (maybe late this week) is unclear to me but  
we should make a concerted effort to make at least M4. Any takers?



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