[Portfolio] [Using Sakai] Possible Sakai Conference Proposal Topics (Teaching and Learning)

Robin Hill hill at uwyo.edu
Tue Feb 23 08:12:07 PST 2010

With regard to Josh's last suggestion (below), I volunteer to organize a 
half-day preconference workshop-- unless someone else already has, in 
which case I would be happy to defer.  I already arranged (on behalf of 
this group :-) possibly overstepping my authority) with the portfolio 
people to confine such a session to the afternoon, so that they can have 
an introductory portfolio session, focussing on teaching and learning, 
in the morning.  This would be on June 14th, Monday, before the official 
conference start date.  (Can I have Reba-Anna again?)

Here are a couple of ideas:

1.  A Sakai T&L Show-and-Tell, with short presentations, submitted in 
advance, of various experiences and tips, with an emphasis on giving the 
audience a takeaway.  This would be like last year's 
Flame/Shame/Frame/Fame or whatever, which turned out to be disparate 
contributions, not necessarily following the themes, but pretty 
well-attended.  For instance, my office could contribute a role for 
Supplemental Instructor (a student helper), with the pedagogical purpose 
described and the specification given along with it.

2.  Something along the lines of "How Course Worksites Support the 
Cycles of Teaching," focussing on the dynamic aspects of teaching a 
course-- how instructors can manage the announcements, adjustments, 
backward references, and rehashing of material that they end up doing 
every semester.  This idea is (obviously) inchoate, and I might flesh it 
out and submit it as an individual proposal instead.

Let's discuss this on the call tomorrow.

Josh Baron wrote:
>  Folks,
>  Just following up from our call just now with a couple of thoughts on
>  conference presentation topics.  The titles are just holding places
>  as we'd need to think of somewhat more interesting sounding titles.
>  (1) Teaching and Learning Themes for Sakai 3 - this would be mostly
>  focused on the 7 themes, explaining what they are/mean, how they are
>  and will be used and to have a dialog with folks about their
>  implications for Sakai 3.
>  (2) Process for Teaching and Learning Driven Design and Development -
>  this would focus more on the process that is emerging in which the
>  teaching and learning community is creating "targets" at which future
>  design and development work can then be aimed...we could discuss the
>  initial learning capabilities effort, the two day virtual meeting and
>  (assuming this happens) the refining of themes, development of user
>  journeys and the picking up of this work by the Product Council.
>  (3) Instructional Visioning Part II - this might be more of a
>  brainstorming session in which we outlined the 7 themes and just
>  engaged in a broad ranging brainstorming activity with the
>  audience...might be best done as a pre-conference workshop or
>  meeting/BOF...I'm think we might need 2 hours or so.  I would see
>  this as more of the "horizon report" type of thing where we would try
>  and do some real out-of-the-box thinking.
>  Finally, over the past few years we've traditionally done a half-day
>  Teaching and Learning pre-conference workshop in which we have short
>  presentations done by a lot of different folks on how they are using
>  Sakai for teaching and learning...kinda of round-robin sharing of
>  best practices and examples.  The session has broad interest but I
>  think it particularly useful for those new to Sakai or just
>  evaluating it.  I'd love to see this run again this year and would be
>  willing to help organize it but others would need to take the lead as
>  I'll be engaged in some Board meetings that day.  Any takers?
>  If folks want to reply back to me off list with interest in
>  participating in any of these topics I can try and help organize a
>  couple of proposals.
>  Josh
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