[Portfolio] Next task - reviewing Learning Capabilities and assigning the "7 Themes" developed during Feb. 4th, 5th and 9th meetings

Pavolka, Rita Kay pavolka at iupui.edu
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Hi all,

During last week's Sakai Teaching and Learning Call we finalized the "7 Themes" titles, listed in our Learning Capabilities googledoc (http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AlfbHxo2qpHEdHRuSnowVGMwWE9HY1MtVjFpY1dtS0E&hl=en)

Now you are being asked to review the "7 Themes" and assign one or more of them by February 28. These themes were gathered through consensus-seeking activities of 20-plus folks over a period of some 14 or 15 hours. In this Google doc, you'll see some new information containing guidance for the process as you are asked to spend a little more "quality time" on the Learning Capabilities tab, assigning a primary and occasionally a secondary theme to the 160plus learning capabilities. An hour would likely complete the task, or make a good start on it.

Please contribute to the Teaching and Learning categorization.


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Hi everyone.

Josh will not be able to participate in today's T&L call, so he asked David Goodrum and me to facilitate.   Josh suggests that we focus on finalizing the themes and the procedure for categorizing the items in the capabilities sheet.  If  you have some time before the meeting, please take a few minutes to review the content in the "7 themes" sheet of the Learning Capabilities Google doc (http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AlfbHxo2qpHEdHRuSnowVGMwWE9HY1MtVjFpY1dtS0E&hl=en).   Time and call details are below:

Time:  Wednesday, February 10 at 12:00 Noon ET (New York, USA).  To participate:

*         Dial 1-888-447-7153 (International callers: 1-719-387-1138)

*         Enter in passcode: 917798 (the hit #)

*         Listen to music until "moderator" starts the call

*         Need help? Call tech support at 1-877-807-0970

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