[Portfolio] [Fwd: Background info for the next portfolio conference call - Monday August 9 2010]

Jacques Raynauld jacques.raynauld at hec.ca
Tue Aug 10 06:10:07 PDT 2010

Hi everyone.  Thanks for you questions and comments on our last 
conference call on our "ressource-object" oriented mock-up 
demonstration.  You can set up an account (role=designer) for the last 
release at


Let me know if you have any questions.


P.S.  See also 

Hi everyone.

MATI Montréal has been working on Guided-Structured  Portfolios over the 
last year.  We have developed a number of tools including a general 
mock-up tool that I am going to preview in our next conference call.  
Background information, a ppt file and two short videos are available on 
a new Confluence page


This tool might be of interest for the portfolio community at large as 
it provides an easy way to create, discuss and implement in small pilots 
simple portfolio prototypes.  A more complete version of the mock-up 
tool will be available at the end of August.


Jacques Raynauld
MATI Montréal

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