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Hello OSP Community Members,

It is time to decide which of us will present what during the four OSP community sessions at Denver Sakai. During the last two community calls, we assembled a tentative list of who in the OSP Community was planning to attend the conference. This list includes: Lynn Ward, Brian Holladay, Susan Kahn, Debra Runshe, Susan Scott, Erica Ackerman, Noah Botimer, Tiffany Marra, Beth Kirshner, Urmila Venkatesh, Teggin Summers, Marc Zaldivar, Hongbo Zhang (?), Mathieu Plourde, Nancy O'Laughlin. Brian Dashew. Reba-Anna Lee, Josh Baron, Janice Smith, Sean Keesler (?), Robin Hill, Jacques Raynauld, and Will Trillich. Please let me know if you are attending but are not yet on the list!

Below is a suggested agenda and possible presenters (represented by institution) for the four sessions for discussion during an upcoming community call.

  A Showcase of Open Source Portfolio Innovations, Pre-Conference Workshop, Monday AM, 240 Minutes
 OSP community members will demonstrate and provide instruction for the implementation of the latest innovations involving the portfolio tools in Sakai 2.6 and 2.7, including simplified portfolio templates, enhanced assessment capabilities, and new reporting techniques.
OSP Overview -  Three Canoes

Page Composer - UMich, IU/IUPUI. Marist

Additional Portfolio Innovations - Virginia Tech. others?

Innovations with Matrices and Wizards, IU/IUPUI, others?

Reports: What's working and what needs to change - Serensoft, IU/IUPUI, rSmart, Three Canoes

  Technical Training for Implementing the Portfolio Tools in Sakai, Pre-Conference Workshop, Monday PM, 240 Minutes
 OSP community members will provide technical training for implementing the portfolio tools in Sakai 2.6 and 2.7, focusing on the development of forms and simple portfolio templates.

Implementing and adapting Page Composer - UMich, IU/IUPUI
Creating forms and portfolio templates with the XML stack (using training materials developed by Three Canoes) - Serensoft, UMich, Three Canoes

  Implementing Portfolios Using Sakai, Tech Demo

 A demonstration of innovative portfolio implementations for K-12 and higher education and sharing of functional and technical strategies for using the portfolio tools in Sakai.

Three Canoes

  Planning for Portfolio Functionality in Sakai 3.0, Discussion, 90 minutes
 OSP Community members will discuss how work on portfolio "action verbs" has been integrated into planning by the Sakai Teaching and Learning Community for the development of Sakai 3.0.
Facilitated by Janice Smith, Lynn Ward, and Robin Hill with active participation by all OSP Community members

 If your institution is listed by one of these slots, you know who you are! If you want to be part of a presentation, but your institution is not yet listed, speak up! Please let me know your thoughts about this proposed agenda.


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