[Portfolio] More sequencing questions. :)

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More sequencing questions. :)

Rather than just understanding the Matrix Tool for its own sake, I
need to qualify/disqualify it as a potential solution for a programmed
instruction project, which is why my questions are so specific.

Here's an outline of the use case:
   1. Learning modules - 4 learning modules, plus orientation and
summary modules. Assessment associated with each module which is
required for successful completion.

This can be handled by the matrix fine.

   2. Link to Module 1 becomes active upon completion of orientation.
Link to Module 2 becomes active upon completion (passing assessment)
of Module 1, and so on.

Comment: If the assessment must be successfully completed before the next module becomes available, then you probably would choose the progression "Determined by instructor", which allows the instructor to open the next cell for an individual student at an arbitrary time. If it was okay to open the next cell simply upon submission of the current cell for evaluation, then you would use "horizontal" or "vertical" progression, depending on how your matrix was laid out.

   3. There will be 16 resources.  Access to resources are also
determined by completion of modules. At completion of Module 1 - 1a &
1b Resources links are active, with succeeding resource links added,
so that at completion of Module 4 - All Resource links are active.

Comment: You would have the resources linked in the appropriate cell for each module. The resources for each module would become available when the cell was opened.

I am getting slightly different takes on the Matrix Tool in relation
to such a case!

==>I hear that each cell in the matrix can have multiple attachments,
including  assessments, and that the Matrix Tool allows cells to be
configured so they can depend on the the successful completion of
prior cells in the sequence.

==>However I have also heard that it really doesn't support this sort
of functionality very easily; although it can be set up to be a linear
progression of pages, mostly you are asking students to create the
pages, not respond to external assessments or assignments.

Comment: I'm not quite sure what you've heard, but students don't really "create pages", they fill out forms that you design. 

==>And I also get indications that maybe Sakai 2.6 does not support
linking external assignments and assessments to a matrix.

Comment: For assessments, you design a form for each cell, and associate the form with the cell as its assessment device. Then when the student has completed and submitted their own form, the instructor fills out the assessment form, which the student can then view.

So in the current official stable Sakai release, can you install the
Portfolio tool and link resources to completion of external
assignements or assessments with gradebook integration so that
successful completion is made automatically without instructor

Comment: There is no integration with the Gradebook

Thanks for your help

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