[Portfolio] Sakai 2.7 Release of OSP

Beth Kirschner bkirschn at umich.edu
Fri Apr 2 08:29:33 PDT 2010

Hi all,

    After reviewing several OSP related issues with the Sakai 2.7  
release team today, I've updated several JIRAs as follows:

	1. All unresolved JIRAs with a 2.7 (tentative) fix release have been  
changed to a (tentative) fix of 2.7.1, with the exception of SAK-17852
	2. All JIRAs with a (tentative) fix of 2.7.1 are now listed on our  
weekly agenda

    The intent of the "fix release" is to suggest an intent to fix a  
JIRA in the specified release. If there is no immediate intent or  
people to work on an issue, we should probably leave the "fix release"  
as "unknown".

    On Monday's t-con, I suggest we should review those issues slated  
for 2.7 and 2.7.1 to make sure they accurately reflect our intentions.  
If we want to move any issues to target for the 2.7 release, we should  
make sure they are assigned to someone. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be  
able to lead Monday's call, but I believe Noah Botimer will be able to  
step in for me next week.

- Beth

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