[Portfolio] Feedback on new template design

Zaldivar, Marc mzaldiva at vt.edu
Mon Oct 5 09:28:55 PDT 2009


We are pretty excited about what Hongbo has been up to the past few months. :-)  He has developed a way for us to use a single-form interface to create a very flexible portfolio.  In short, it uses only the portfolio options form to layout tabs and a potentially infinite number of secondary navigation pages using a javascript bit.  We have 9 styles built in currently too.  We're using this for many different pilots focusing on students building web-site portfolios, and I'd love to get some wider feedback about it from the rest of the community as well.

We initially began exploring this idea during our "great slowdown" of Spring 09 when the sudden growth in portfolio templates employing 10-20 forms each caused a big database slowdown.  We did patch that, and it's working much better now, but still, Hongbo still had the vision of a "1-form" portfolio that would still allow multiple pages to be created.

Anyway, I've uploaded the template and some instructions for installation into http://openedpractices.org/resource/virginia-tech-single-form-portfolio.  We'd love to hear of ways to continue to improve this or if you see any potential issues with it.



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