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Thank you for starting this thread.   Your questions are mine too!

This is probably our most common workshop question from faculty, especially graduate faculty.  We are trying to organize a plan with our Alumni group to think through the issues of access, but haven't made a lot of headway yet.  Right now, we tell the students/faculty two things:

 1.  Before the students graduate, the portfolios they create can be downloaded and moved to an external webspace.  (Unfortunately, the "download" button is not very reliable many times, but "Save Page As..." from the browser usually works for us.)
 2.  We do not really delete anything from the system currently.  We encourage a self-cleaning policy, and because portfolios are aligned many times for assessment, we're leaving most things (sites, files, etc.) for a life cycle of potentially 7-10 years.  (Of course we're only just beginning, so who knows? :-)  In that scenario, the presentations students create, if made public, will exist for static display.  They wouldn't be able to login to change them, but the URL should still be active.  They could still show off that portion of their work, perhaps linking it into a new portfolio created in another space...

However, I'm not really happy with that.  I'd love to hear from others about how they have approached this issue.  Ideally, I'd love to see a model where we could have alumni pay for access to a running instance of OSP where they could continue to build and grow their portfolios.

Also, a side issue, but related.  I was really happy to see the collaborative portfolio functionality come to fruition so quickly.  It's a really important feature that several of our groups will be anxious to try out (I think we'll be upgrading this summer).  However, I can envision this scenario on our campus.  We have several leadership organizations or service learning groups that are interested in using the collaborative portfolio structure to reflect collectively on and demonstrate development of their community work, for one example.  As I understand it currently, if Student A starts the collaborative portfolio, she is the "owner" and can invite others into it to help build it.  When Student A graduates, how does she move ownership over to Student Q, the upcoming sophomore in the group?  I suppose it could be done manually,  by copying the forms in the interaction folder over to Student Q and having him rebuild it and start up a new one, but that would change the existing URL...  I suppose it could just live in Student A's account, for Student Q to take it over as main collaborator, but that could get messy after a few generations I'd imagine.  Any ideas before we begin designing these projects?


On 11/18/09 4:42 PM, "Nancy O'Laughlin" <nolaug at UDel.Edu> wrote:

We have had several requests from faculty to continue student portfolio
access beyond graduation for viewing and editing. I was wondering how
other institutions handle this. Could you let me know what policies you
have in place or are considering? Are there any particular issues
involved with giving extended access to students?

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