[Portfolio] Nested group fields in forms

hongbo zhang hbzhang at vt.edu
Tue Mar 31 19:29:32 PDT 2009

I attached one form containing the group option. 

This form works for fine for us for portfolio development, and the responses
can be seen in Oxygen. 

Sometimes, the form builder produces a form, which could contain some errors
(mainly compatible problem). Oxygen is a good tool to check whether the form
builder generated form is correct. If there is anything wrong with the form,
Oxygen can highlight the error for you with red lines.

Hope it help


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Using the Form Builder, I have a faculty member who created a form using 
the group field type and nested a group within a group. The problem we 
discovered is that it looked like it worked - no errors. However, when I 
viewed the completed form, the nested responses were missing (I could 
see labels - no responses). All the other form element responses were 
there. Has anyone ever experienced this or have any insight for me?

Nancy J. O'Laughlin, Ed.D.
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