[Portfolio] Who uses freeform portfolios in production?

Tony Camilli tcamilli at lagcc.cuny.edu
Tue Mar 17 12:54:39 PDT 2009

Along these lines, when I look at plugins/attachments/plugin.js in
Firebug ...around these lines

FCKToolbarAttachmentSelectCommand.prototype.GetState = function()
		return this.combo.currentItem.FCKItemID;

FCKItemID is undefined. Any idea why this would be ? I can see it in
our 2.5 version.


>>> "Maurer, Christopher Wayne" <chmaurer at iupui.edu> 3/17/2009 8:24 AM
My initial feeling is “no”.  I come to this conclusion mainly
because I looked at our current implementation and it seems to be broken
as well!  I think we upgraded our fck editor version already, so we’re
in that boat early!


On 3/17/09 3:25 AM, "Sean Keesler" <sean at keesler.org> wrote:

Would that make it a blocker for IU?


On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 2:34 PM, Maurer, Christopher Wayne
<chmaurer at iupui.edu> wrote:
> As I mentioned in last week’s call, this will also affect the
Guidance area.
>  You can add an attachment then link to it in the  editors.  So this
has a
> bit bigger impact than just freeform portfolios.
> Chris
> On 3/16/09 12:10 PM, "Sean Keesler" <sean at keesler.org> wrote:
> There is a bug in the 2.6 branch that will make it very hard for
> schools using freeform portfolios to upgrade to 2.6 unless it is
> resolved before the release.
> The bug is SAK-15813 - FCK editor freeform portfolio item plugin does
> work.
> The drop down menu of freeform pages and attached items in the FCK
> editor no longer is able to create hyperlinks.
> The issue is currently marked as critical. If there were schools
> were using freefrom portfolios in production, we might consider
> escalating it to blocker status.
> If you are running freeform portfolios in production, let this list
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