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Marc, Chris, and Sean

Besides the ongoing use of goal management at RINET and the interest at VTech and IU, there are two other institutions that I know of (one higher ed and one K-12) actively planning to use goal management in the very near future. One way or another (via paid subscription or free download), both will be implementing it via the rSmart CLE. I also note that K-12 and School of Education institutions newly interested in using OSP immediately recognize goal management as the OSP solution to their needs. Somehow we in the community need to find a way to keep these tools going until there are more global metatagging options in Sakai.


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---- On Thu, 12 Mar 2009 13:08:18 -0700  Christopher Wayne Maurer <chmaurer at iupui.edu> wrote ---- 

 >  Marc,
 >  I had sort of taken up ownership of maintaining them, mainly because we were using them at IU.  I wasn’t doing any bug fixing really, just keeping them running for the various versions of sakai.
 >  We had started to do some work in trunk a while back, but abandoned it.  Some of it is worth keeping, but some of it may not be.  If you guys are looking to take it over, I’d be happy to chat about some of the changes (if I can remember that far back!)
 >  FYI, we are running both tools here at IU in 2.5.x (though practically no usage at this point).
 >  Chris
 >  On 3/12/09 1:47 PM, "Marc Zaldivar" <mzaldiva at exchange.vt.edu> wrote:
 >  Agreed Sean.  We are using them in a few projects, one of which is fairly large.  I’d love to keep these tools going!  They do work in our rSmart CLE 2.5.x, but I haven’t seen how they work in 2.5.x community code.  
 >  I’d love to join a conversation if anyone is interested in doing so!
 >  Marc Z
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