[Portfolio] view as student link in xsl portal

Maurer, Christopher Wayne chmaurer at iupui.edu
Mon Mar 9 08:34:48 PDT 2009

Greg was the one that worked on that (though he¹s out most of this week).
I don¹t remember if he did anything in there or not.  I know that he
probably asked me about how our xsl portal worked.


On 3/3/09 5:25 PM, "John Bush" <john.bush at rsmart.com> wrote:

>     Has anyone worked on porting this to the xsl portal ?
> http://bugs.sakaiproject.org/jira/browse/SAK-7924
> I completed the xml portal changes locally and we are working on the
> xsl changes.  If there isn't a JIRA already I'll add one and commit
> the changes in a branch.  Just wondering if any work has been done to
> date. 
> John Bush 
> Development Manager
> rSmart 
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