[Portfolio] QA issues

Sean Keesler sean at keesler.org
Sat Mar 7 00:58:33 PST 2009

I said I would verify some issues this week from trunk. I should have looked
at what I was promising first!

I verified and closed:

But couldn't address these:
SAK-15553 - not running Oracle
SAK-15236 - or DB2
SAK-14995 - DB2 again

Can someone explain the idea behind:
SAK-14781 - Create a portfolio based off of a previewed matrix, then
publishing, breaks the portfolio
I could close this...it does seem to work in trunk, but I am not sure how it
makes sense. On the one hand, we are telling users that the data will be
deleted when we publish the matrix, but this issue makes it clear that the
data should NOT be deleted. Which is it? I think we should be clear.

Sean Keesler
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