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Marc Zaldivar mzaldiva at exchange.vt.edu
Thu Jun 25 05:12:47 PDT 2009


I am trying to collect a range of examples of portfolio ³requirements² in
programs and how they handle that with faculty workload.  I¹m curious what
sorts of methods people use to gather and assess portfolios in program-level

We have several program-level portfolio projects here, and they each
approach this differently.  One in particular is a rather large program,
graduating about 100-140 each year, and they are wondering what other
schools in the country are doing about asking faculty to look at portfolios.
They feel that if they are ³required for graduation² by the student, then
someone has to have the responsibility of making sure that it is done ‹ who
is that someone(s) in these schools?  What sort of requirement is put in
place?  Completion?  Specific sets of required elements or simply anything
resembling a portfolio?

I know many of the Sakai projects are in pilot phases, but I¹m curious what
other groups are thinking about this issue.

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