[Portfolio] Backing up OSP

Marc Zaldivar mzaldiva at exchange.vt.edu
Mon Jun 15 11:10:11 PDT 2009


Thanks for this ‹ it¹s a start and I needed something to cover my blank wall
anyway. :-)

Not much to report on how we ³fixed² it.  We had to reimport the matrices
from our backup systems, then superuser in as each user and reattach their
materials to the right matrix cells based on the preproduction system.
Manual fixing all the way.

We did look at a database fix, but with the unknowns our systems team wasn¹t
comfortable changing some things without knowing if we ³got it all,² so we
went with the easier, but painful, manual fix.

A lesson learned!  

Next challenge: how do you get faculty to read those pretty red warnings
that say ³This is a permanent thing.  This isn¹t undoable.  It affects
everybody.  You don¹t really want to do this.  Back away and logoff now.²


On 6/15/09 1:03 PM, "Sean Keesler" <sean at keesler.org> wrote:

> A GA and I at Syracuse created an attempt at an ERD for 2.4 (see attached). It
> omits the bits with resources...
> You can wallpaper your bathroom with it, use it as a desk blotter or hang it
> behind your desk to show off.  :)
> I haven't maintained it...but maybe we should....I look at it fondly from time
> to time to remind myself how confusing this all is.
> Glad to hear you ironed it out. In fact, it would be great to post how you
> fixed it. I imagined it being pretty difficult.
> Sean
> On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 12:27 PM, Marc Zaldivar <mzaldiva at exchange.vt.edu>
> wrote:
>> All,
>> I wanted to see if we could open up this discussion, perhaps on this list or
>> on confluence/Jira too, about the state of the OSP archives.  
>> We did manage to recoup from losing some stuff ‹ thankfully nothing too
>> vital, but caused by fairly innocent site mismanagement.  I can fill anyone
>> in on the details off list.  
>> But what it really brought to my attention is that the Site Archive tool does
>> not handle OSP, and we have no effective back up of student portfolios,
>> populated matrices, etc.
>> Since I¹m relatively new to the community, I¹m interested in some back story:
>> has this been attempted?   What steps have been taken or are currently
>> underway?
>> What strategies are other universities using?  
>> I¹ve taken some other precautions behind the scenes, such as switching the
>> permissions for deletion for ALL roles to be off by default.  We¹ve also put
>> in a deletion work-around that only lets site creators delete sites, which
>> helps us with OSP because we build 90% of those portfolio sites.
>> Finally, is there anything like a datamap or Entity Relational Diagram for
>> all of the OSP tables showing how stuff is related?  This seems like it¹d be
>> very helpful if thinking about any kind of manual restoration process.
>> Thanks for your help!
>> Marc 
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