[Portfolio] View Guidance Permission in Matrix Cells

Holladay, Bryan Andrew bahollad at indiana.edu
Tue Jun 9 12:56:39 PDT 2009


I'm working on an issue with user's not being able to view Guidance because of incorrect permission checking in the matrix authorizer.  Since IU's changes to the permissions of the matrix, there are exceptions where a users are not being allowed to view matrix guidance attachments.  Case:  A user w/o any permissions in the matrix (can't eval, review, ect) except a user has selected that person for feedback and can access the cell via the email link.  In this case, the "reviewer" can't view Guidance since the matrix authorizer doesn't have the WizardPage Id to check if that "reviewer" has been selected by the cell owner to review their cell.

Now that I set up my problem, my question is:  Do we need to have permission checks to see if a user can view Guidance Attachments in the matrix cells?  If you can get into a matrix cell, shouldn't you be allowed to view the Guidance?  Is there a case where you can access the cell and not view the Guidance?  If not, then I recommend removing these extra permission checks, helping speed up some load time. :)

Vote?  Input?

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