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Hello Will (and all)

Following up on our conversation about OSP Help for 2.6 in the OSP community call yesterday, I discovered that it is only the rSmart CLE Help that features screenshots. Rightfully, when Beth moved the Help sections donated by rSmart to the community version, the rSmart CLE screenshots were not included (given that they depict the rSmart CLE rather than community Sakai/OSP).

The good news is that there are no screenshots to update in revising OSP 2.5 Help for version 2.6.	 The bad news is that there are no screen shots for Help OSP 2.6. I believe there are three possible ways to go with this.
We could sigh with relief and make our revisions for OSP 2.6 Help in text only. (This is the most manageable option.)
With rSmart's persmission, I could relatively easily document what screenshots were deemed relevant (by rSmart) for each Help section. Then one or more volunteers could volunteer to supply duplicate screen shots from community Sakai/OSP.
One or more volunteers could make up their own minds about what screenshots are needed and agree to supply them.
If we decide to go with screenshots (which everyone on yesterday's call seemed to want), you have volunteered to help us consider how best to create and deliver them for the revised 2.6 Help. What are your thoughts?

Meanwhile, everyone who is interested in this discussion, please visit http://bugs.sakaiproject.org/confluence/display/OSP/OSP+2.6+Help+Volunteer+Sign-up to consider signing up to revise one or more sections of OSP Help for version 2.6.


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