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As some of you are aware, one of the issues that was discussed at the 
Sakai conference in Boston was the need to reinvent the "requirements 
gathering" process and find news ways to gather user input..  There 
appears to be a desire, over time, to have community-based user 
functionality needs become a target at which development work is aimed 
rather than the more common approach today of having development work 
start and then have user input feed into that work.

A small group of interested community members have been continuing this 
discussion following the conference and I would like to take some time on 
this week's call to review/discuss some of the ideas that have surfaced. 
I'm hoping that those in the community who have an interest in teaching 
and learning issues might want to become actively involved in helping to 
lead and drive some new initiatives in this area.

Some very "raw" and early thoughts are now up on Confluence at:


At the end of that page are links to some of the work the OSP community is 
doing which I and others see as a model that may work well for other 

Sorry for the long e-mail but I wanted to provide some background before 
we head into the call tomorrow.  The call and discussion are open to all 
so please don't hesitate to jump in even if you don't regularly 
participate in these calls.


Calls are currently taking place on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM EST (New York, 
USA) each week.

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