[Portfolio] Sharing portfolios with the .anon role in a "public" Sakai site

Beth Kirschner bkirschn at umich.edu
Mon Dec 14 05:36:31 PST 2009

We've just been discussing something similar -- how to "see" a list of  
public portfolios within a site (essentially what you are doing). Take  
a look at http://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-17508 and see if  
this might meet your needs. I'd like to discuss this on today's OSP  
call, but essentially this creates an additional portfolio tab that  
lists "public portfolios".

- Beth

On Dec 12, 2009, at 11:47 AM, Sean Keesler wrote:

> If an authenticated user creates a portfolio in a worksite that
> includes an .anon role, they can share the portfolio with that
> role....so, if you had an anonymous user visit the site, you might
> expect that they should be able to see the name of the portfolio,
> click on it and view it.
> When I visit the site, as an anonymous user, I don't see any
> portfolios in the list (so I can't click on it).
> There isn't a lot of practical use for such a thing in the real world,
> but I don't live there anymore and I would like to do it!
> Anyone have a tip?
> If you share a portfolio with an anonymous user in the forest...    :)
> Sean
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