[Portfolio] Sharing portfolios with the .anon role in a "public" Sakai site

Sean Keesler sean.keesler at threecanoes.com
Sat Dec 12 08:47:52 PST 2009

If an authenticated user creates a portfolio in a worksite that
includes an .anon role, they can share the portfolio with that
role....so, if you had an anonymous user visit the site, you might
expect that they should be able to see the name of the portfolio,
click on it and view it.

When I visit the site, as an anonymous user, I don't see any
portfolios in the list (so I can't click on it).
There isn't a lot of practical use for such a thing in the real world,
but I don't live there anymore and I would like to do it!
Anyone have a tip?

If you share a portfolio with an anonymous user in the forest...    :)


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