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Hi Charles,

We've built portfolios for our high schools in RI using the Portfolio, Assignment, and Goal management tools. Each high school, ranging from 500 to 1,500 students has created its own portfolio template to which students link their work. The schools are all part of a single instance of Sakai so we have pretty good traffic during peak times, e.g. end of semester. We could set up a call if you like to see how closely our model fits yours and how much of our experience is relevant.


On 8/13/09 10:33 AM, "Charles Hedrick" <hedrick at rutgers.edu> wrote:

Rutgers is in the process of building a portfolio for all of our
undergrads. This is 10-50K users (depending upon whether we break them
up into cohorots) in a site. But it also can end up with thousands of
groups in a site. We're likely to have to use groups to define
advisors and programs.

Has anyone tried very large sites? Can anyone guess how large numbers
of groups in a site will work?

The complexity in our planning is that we're likely to be using a
single portfolio for many purposes. We have all kinds of special
programs, many of which in the long term will want to look at how
their program is working, and also provide advise to students. But we
want all of the activities of these prograrms to show up in a single
portfolio, since (1) we think it's not practical for students to have
more than one portfolio for their "general" life at the University,
and (2) we want the possibility of doing broader assessment of student

In the short run, I'm looking at creating a process for students to
submit items for review. It will give them a list of groups they're a
member of and the reviewers in those groups. So they'll end up sending
the item to a particular faculty member to review, but we'll also
capture which group was involved. That will be needed for producing
reports for a specific program.

Review will use a feedback form based on a rubric.

Has anyone else tried something like this?

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