[Portfolio] Clear Selected Portfolio Form

Beth Kirschner bkirschn at umich.edu
Mon Apr 13 11:25:44 PDT 2009

Following today's call, we noticed that there isn't any obvious way to  
clear a selected form from a portfolio. User's can select "Please  
select an item" to effectively clear out a selection, but this is not  
intuitive. Having the ability to clear a selected form is something  
users need to do occasionally, and also seems like a functionality  
hole since we removed the Save/Undo buttons from the 'Add/Edit  
Content' portfolio page.

I've created a JIRA ticket that proposes adding a "Clear Selected"  
link on the 'Add/Edit Content' page, along with a screenshot that  
shows where the link would be placed (next to 'Create New' & 'Edit  
Selected'). Please let me know your thoughts on this change by the end  
of the week. I can also bring it up for discussion at next week's call.


- Beth

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