[Portfolio] Portfolio comment links

Sean Keesler sean at keesler.org
Fri Apr 10 07:23:13 PDT 2009

I was noticing a bit of unusual behavior in the portfolio tool, which
I think is a bug and I filed it as SAK-16043.

I see that there are two places to view comments for a portfolio.
  - There is a link off the main screen in the last column of the portfolio list
  - There is a link to comments when I "Edit" a portfolio

When a portfolio owner allows comments on a portfolio, both of those
links work fine.
When commenting is disabled for that portfolio, the first link
disappears (even if there are comments), but the second works.

I think that the link on the main portfolio screen should show
comments (if there are any) even if the ability to add NEW comments
has been disabled.


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