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Summers, Teggin techambe at vt.edu
Thu Apr 9 18:22:28 PDT 2009

Hello All,


I'm planning to propose an OSP user experience panel for the upcoming
Sakai Boston conference.  I'm wondering if other folks in the community
would like to participate in the panel to discuss how
faculty/administrators at their institutions are utilizing their
ePortfolio tools.  At the conclusion of this panel, I thought it might
be a good opportunity to discuss further ways to promote more
collaboration and communication between the UX and Portfolio folks
within Sakai.


I'm posting my current proposal draft below.  If anyone is interested in
collaborating on this, please email me at techambe at vt.edu.  I will
probably cross-post this to the UX group to invite folks who are
interested in doing more with OSP to contribute to the discussion.


I hope to hear from anyone who might be interested soon.


All best,






OSP User Experience: Virginia Tech's Current Examples and A Call for
Future Collaboration


Virginia Tech has a wide variety of individual, course, program, and
institutional uses for the ePortfolio tools within our instance of
Sakai.  This panel proposes to share strategies for user implementation
and present examples of the many different ways in which our OSP tools
are being used across campus.  We will discuss different areas of user
interaction, ranging from faculty objectives, design documents, and
revision processes to scaffolded matrices, goal management, and
portfolio templates.  Finally, we will consider ways to facilitate more
collaboration within the Sakai community among people interested in the
ePortfolio user experience.



Teggin Summers, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, ePortfolio Initiatives

2210B Torgersen Hall

Learning Technologies; Virginia Tech

teggin at vt.edu; (540) 231-0982



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