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Forwarding Joe H.'s email since he cannot post to the i18n email group. See below.

-- Neal

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> Hi,
> On 22/03/2013 16:23, Neal Caidin wrote:
>> Hi a11y group and i18n/localization,
>> For those of you not aware, a11y has decided to move the Accessibilty 
>> help information out of the online help tool and into an external wiki 
>> (Confluence), at least until such time as the direction of the Online 
>> Help tool is decided (there has been some discussion about possibly 
>> replacing with this - 
>> https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/HELP/Future+plans+for+The+
>> Knowledge+Base+Tool
>> , but no decision) .
> I wonder how those who need to run a standalone Sakai without giving access to web sites outside their LAN would be able to provide the accessibility help to their users. Now, let's go back to i18n.
> Joe: We would be more than happy to make a downloadable copy of the help documents available that can hosted locally
>> By making this change, updates to Accessibility information for Sakai 
>> can be made more frequently and dynamically as needed.
>> Here is the proposed text that would go into Sakai CLE online help, 
>> and point back to the wiki: "The following URL is provided for people 
>> with disabilities who would like to experience the accessibility 
>> enhancements of Sakai.
>> https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/2ACC/Sakai+2.9+Accessibility+Help+Documentation"
>> So the question is, would it be okay to proceed with this change and 
>> figure out the localization process afterwards (aka translation) or do 
>> we need to figure this out before making the change?
>> An easy solution could be that the Accessibility wiki page could 
>> contain any links to localized translations which are provided to the 
>> Accessibiity group, as they are created. So there is still one page 
>> for the community to reference to find information about Accessibility 
>> in any language (at least acting like a "portal").
>> FWIW, there appear to only be two translations of the current 
>> Accessiblity information in CLE: Brazilian Portuguese and Traditional 
>> Chinese.
>> What do you think?
> I think translating should be possible and documented before making the change, and the number of current or future translations shouldn't have any influence on this.
> Joe:  The A11y working group has never participated in translations before, we have no process.  We welcome any process templates or suggestions
> The online help accessibility page pointing to the wiki could still be translated and point to a different page in the wiki. Navigation in the wiki should be designed to enable changing the locale to available locales for the current page when the default locale has been translated.
> Joe:  I am perfectly fine will pointing to a different page.  We are limited to how languages work in Confluence, if confluence supports automatic language changes we will work to make it applicable, but it does not look like it supports automatic changes.  Case in point, when switching to French in confluence preferences, the i18n documentation page content is still in English. 
> I also agree with Beth's ideas in points 1 to 3 and won't repeat what she's written. Nevertheless, if the minor release pages are not needed yet, we can wait.
> We could have an accessibility help translation page managed by the accessibility group within the i18n translation documentation, or we could point from the i18n WG zone to the accessibility WG zone if it's easier to manage.
> Joe:  I believe the a11y group would be more than willing to host a a11y help translation page where ever it is best suited.
> Pointing to the version for a Sakai release of the documentation could be updated in the online help accessibility page in the release.
> Joe:  The goal of this change was to avoid constantly updating the online help documentation in the release until a new online help system was chosen. At that time we would move all the help documentation to the new system and remove the external wiki pages
> I think a Sakai release accessibility page for a locale should be separate from another. Links locale labels at the could point to other locales for the same release.
> Joe:  Could you explain this comment?  
> You could have a general page pointing to each release's pages. I don't think we should separate translations from default documentation, so the
> h4 won't bee needed.
> Joe:  If the translations are not separate and language changes in confluence content are not automatic, then how would people access the translations?
> What do you think ?
> Thanks!
> J-F
>> Thanks!
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