[WG: I18N & L10N] Have you updated translations for 2.8 or later

Yuki Yamada y-yamada at kel.co.jp
Mon Mar 11 02:27:32 PDT 2013

Hello Jean-Francois,

Could you modify the Japanese contact information within readme_i18n.txt as follows:
Contact: Ja Sakai Community dev at sakaiproject.jp

Yuji Tokiwa who is the new Ja Sakai representative, Shoji, and me were discussed and decided to modify it because the translation has been moving to a community's work in Japan.

Yuki Yamada

(2013/03/08 0:00), Jean-Francois Leveque wrote:
> Hi,
> Before asking people mentioned on
> https://source.sakaiproject.org/viewsvn/reference/trunk/docs/readme_i18n.txt?view=markup,
> I thought it was better to ask here.
> I would like to know which ones of you are maintaining a Locale.
> If your email isn't in readme_i18n.txt and you still want to keep it
> private, you can answer me privately.
> Otherwise, I think answering on list will be better for the community.
> Please note, I will update the readme_i18n.txt file myself.
> Cheers,
> J-F
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