[WG: I18N & L10N] Internationalization Workgroup

Jean-Francois Leveque jean-francois.leveque at upmc.fr
Tue Mar 5 08:22:23 PST 2013


Thanks for your great work, Beth.

UPMC wouldn't have been able to start using Sakai if there hadn't be 
both a internationalization and a French Canadian translation effort 
which made it into Sakai 2.4 with your help. I thank you and the 
contributors to this work for being here right now.

I would also like to thank those who thought it was a good idea to 
involve myself in such a task. I will need their help to prove we all 
were right.

I nevertheless will need as much help as you can contribute to i18n and 
L10n and I will contribute as much as I can. My minimal reserved time is 
half of a work day a week. I hope I can contribute more most of the time 
and rarely less.

I've got a few tasks I think I should work on right now but suggestions 
are welcome.

Yesterday I've submitted for 2013 Apereo conference both a Sakai CLE 
i18n presentation and an Apereo i18n BoF. I know how to reach CLE and 
OAE people involved in i18n. I already have a few contacts with other 
people involved in Apereo i18n, but help is welcome.

Let's end this mail with some French!

À bientôt,


On 05/03/2013 15:08, Berg, Alan wrote:
> You did great work Beth.
> Good luck and welcome Jean-Francois. Looking forward to your reserved time and continued energy.
> Regards,
>             Alan
> Alan Berg
> Innovation working group
> On the use of ICT in Education&  Research
> University of Amsterdam
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> Subject: [WG: I18N&  L10N] Internationalization Workgroup
> For several years, the Sakai I18N and L10N workgroup has had me as the defacto chair, and when I had more time to spend in this role, it was a position that I thoroughly enjoyed. While internationalization is still near and dear to my heart, my current job has not allowed me to spend anything more than a cursory amount of time, leaving the I18N group without an effective lead.
> Jean-François has gratiously offered to provide more active leadership as chair of this group, and has the support of UPMC. Although we don't have, as far as I know, any formal process for transitioning chairs of Sakai workgroups, I'd like to announce and/or nominate Jean-François as the new chair of the I18N and L10N Sakai workgroup.
> I know there's a also nascient proposal to create a Apereo I18N group, though I'm not sure what the status of that group is at this time. I expect to continue to provide help, as time permits, but cede the chairmanship to Jean-François!
> Thanks,
> - Beth

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