[WG: I18N & L10N] i18n request for merges

Jean-Francois Leveque jean-francois.leveque at upmc.fr
Mon Jul 15 07:53:09 PDT 2013

Maybe I wasn't precise enough when discussing with Neal.

I was the one doing the request based on the following JIRA query:
(component = Internationalization OR component = Translation) AND 
("2.9.x Status" = Merge or project = "CLE: Sitestats" AND "2.3.x Status" 
= Merge or project = "CLE: Profile2" and "1.5.x Status" = Merge) and 
status = Verified


On 15/07/2013 16:19, Neal Caidin wrote:
> Hi CLE Release team,
> The Internationalization group is requesting a few more merges for CLE 2.9.3 (we already have about a dozen we are targeting to get in) .  It seems to me, as has been suggested, that we may need to cut off any additional request for merges for 2.9.3 soon.
> https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-23766
> https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-23734
> https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-22528
> https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/RES-63
> Of these, to me, SAK-23734 looks like the most important because it is a regression introduced in CLE 2.9.2 and is an Internationalization issue.
> The others are translations which I assume are easy "low hanging fruit" and little or no risk to add (except for adding extra work to our merge team)?
> What do you think? Should we add some or all of these in?
> Thanks,
> Neal

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